The Story of Queenie Crowns

The CEO of Queenie Crowns, Lisa Blakey, has always been a big dreamer! Ever since she was a little girl growing up in St. Louis, Missouri she knew she was destined for great things. Lisa knows that hard work, dedication and fellowship are key components to being successful. Her creative side has always been something that she felt she needed to share with the world and out of this need Queenie Crowns was formed. Through the creation of Queenie Crowns, Lisa is able to remind everyone that there are no limits to what a person can accomplish if they are willing to put in the work.

Queenie Crowns is a brand that is dedicated to providing high quality handmade bonnets, headbands and scrunchies at an affordable price to any and everyone. Our online store will give you the opportunity to shop our items in a wide range of satin colors as well as printed fabrics on the go or from the comfort of your home. Let Queenie Crowns be your favorite online store to customize and create a headpiece that is just as unique as you are.

     All Hale the Queens!